Nick Elphick Artist Sculptor

North Wales‐based artist Nick Elphick is somewhat of a passionate visionary who has spent the best part of the past ten years working tirelessly to better understand  form and the human mind. Back in 2002 Nick graduated from Loughborough University with a BA Hons in Fine Art Sculpture and since then he has strived to fully understand the techniques and   meaning of sculpture.

Portfolio of Work

Figurative Sculpture

“The human form is a figure of self-expression, to express emotions, feelings and sensitivities artistically through movement and gestures, to achieve the language of a person’s feeling and thought.  I like to encourage the onlooker’s eye to journey around the piece, stimulating the mind creatively.”

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Portrait Sculpture

“The portrait is one of the hardest technical skills a sculptor can master. To convey man’s personality and emotion in an expression of the artist’s own style, is the most challenging and thought provoking states any sculptor can experience.  It’s not just about taking it to the literal photographic state; the challenge is to marry the two perfectly.

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Conceptual Sculpture

“There is a difference between conscious thought, i.e.  frontal lobe thinking, to the feeling which comes from the subconscious.  They are both important for me to combine, but I firstly allow creative feeling of the subconscious through my hand  to produce the work, and then I seem to recognise the concept, therefore I think art shouldn’t need to be explained, art is personal to the artist and the onlooker, art is really from within.”

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Wildlife Sculpture

“Wildlife is a way for me to escape, animals have truth and an innocence, a way of instinctive being, not being bogged down with the conscious thoughts and the worry of self-awareness – gives me a freedom to let go and feel connected with nature, where I find a simplicity and a beauty.”

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Public Sculpture

A collection of Nick’s public commissions.

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Paintings & Designs

“Art is a way of thinking;  when I start speaking creatively it can just flow from the heart, from the feelings,  and then I hear it and hold it in conscious mind and can consider it after.”

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