Self…and Self-exploration

Self…and Self-exploration

With this new body of work, I will be exploring the human condition using myself as the vessel. This is a constantly evolving artistic study of my real self, through which I want to learn who I am and therefore grow – emotionally, artistically, physically and...

Greek Olympic Figures for the Garsington Opera Production

Emerging Cheshire sculptor Nick Elphick has been commissioned to produce four sculptures that will stand 16 foot high, of Greek Olympic figures for the 2012 Garsington Opera production of Vivaldi’s rarely performed opera L’Olimpiade. These sculptures will be an...

Trip to London

have just returned from a very successful trip to London where I launched the Queens Head sculpture and also landed a large commission. The Garsington Opera company has asked me to sculpt 4 large Greek sculptures for ‘Vivaldi’s L’Olimpiade’, a concert being produced...
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