From a young age, I have been fascinated with the human form and emotions, and how through the language of our expressions, we people are driven and stimulated. Individual conditions shape society, and society in turn shapes us to conform and wear masks.  This creative form of communication came before spoken language and led to my fascination in art as an expressive therapy, thus resulting in my studying human anatomy alongside a fine art degree.

My body of work is an ongoing study that looks in-depth at myself and others, using the human form to express strengths and weaknesses, from nurture through to nature.   I want the eye to travel over a piece, not only to stimulate but to breathe creativity, so the viewer can resonate and identify with emotional expressions that are silently communicated through a posture or a gesture.  The human conditions and psychology of man have run through even my public commissions.

Working across many fields in the industry, including:  sculpting and carving, mould making, casting (stone casting, cold casting and hot casting in metals), technical design, metal fabrication and welding; has enabled me to gain extensive knowledge of materials and how they perform, and the techniques that can be used.  This has given me a greater opportunity to broaden my creative skills and a wider scope within which to experiment.  However, my preferred mediums are to sculpt and carve in the softer materials of clays, oil based clays and polystyrene as these give me the freedom to work fast, to add and take away, to make happy mistakes, and to not be too precious.  I also video and document my sculptures as I work, as I feel the whole creative process is just as much of the art as the finished piece.

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