Is the start of a charity to help those affected by life. Punked is a logo representing a new and original  piece of conceptual art from the studio of  the well known North Wales sculptor Nick Elphick.   His objectives are to help funding charities/centres working to treat those individuals affected by society and behavioural genetics through selling branded goods that symbolise the struggles some face in their lives – the insecurities and the escapism.  Nick is a severe Dyslexic and has a true understanding of the challenges so many face in life and is determined to contribute to supporting and helping in as many ways as he can.

Below is Nick’s Vision for Punked

“In this body of work I have tried to express my understanding of the enigma that is human behaviour.

I believe that there is nothing more fascinating to most of us than ourselves. We can be so self-obsessed. So it is hardly surprising that we have expended large amounts of effort trying to get to the bottom of what it means to be human. What is surprising is that there are so many traits that remain enigmatic. It is the way in which the direct correlation between our human traits, and those created by society, really burns a candle of interest inside me.

As an artist,  I am exploring the way in which we, as individuals, are affected by our deviant traits and how those traits then subsequently affect society.

The trait that I am exploring is self-obsession: the way we strive to know who we are or who we want to be, our obsession with our role in society and how we want – even need – to belong and to feel confident.  All this in what I feel is a very disjointed and confused world. All this is based on fear, insecurity and low self-worth and confidence.  Feeding this… the challenges of everyday life.

I’m no social commentator but I can connect deeply with this ‘need’, I have an understanding founded from my own journey, my struggles you could say, and it is from this understanding that I have generated a body of work that not only strikes a cord with me but I believe highlights the serious social problems affecting us as a society.   Whether this be through fashion  (the need to have the right clothes),  the pressure to be dutiful, to be rich or famous,  to conform or even the pressure to going out of our way not to conform so creating yet another group that has its own uniform (Punked).  I  believe that all this is the added pressure people suffer and often seek to escape from.

My work expresses anger – the easiest emotion to hide behind. Take my winged man, he has pre-op lines for plastic surgery and he holds his own surgeons scalpel, the wings are clipped to show the distress of being unable to ‘fly’, to be free, and there are alcohol bottles remaining from his need to escape from the constant fear of who ‘self’  is. So who is he, you may ask? He is us, he is me, he is a blight on society, he is all around us… you can call him The Scurge of Attila.”

Punked will be a statement that will not be confined to a gallery.


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