Latest Exhibition “Miles of Creativity” exhibiting at Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno.

  • The Panic Exhibition, London
  • The Freize Art Fair, Regents Park, London
  • The Hayworth Gallery, Mold
  • The Island Art Group Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey.
  • Helfa Gelf Llandudno, Conwy
  • Young Wales at the Cambrian RCA, Conwy
  • Street Fair, Colwyn Bay
  • Society of British Portait Sculptors: Tiranti Prize, Cork St, London
  • Society of British Portrait Sculptors Summer Show, Oxford
  • End of Year show: Frink School of Sculpture, Stoke City Art Gallery
  • Oriel Ynys Mon
  • Frink School of Sculpture Orangerie, London
  • Cathedral Steel, Sheffield Cathedral
  • International Blue Ice Art Championships (UK team) Pello, Finland.


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